Bioclimatic Pergola


Bioclimatic Pergola with Retractable Aluminum Panels

The New Open-Air Culture

SkyMax Retractable Bioclimatic Pergola uses automatic smart panels that allow you to adjust the shading of your outdoor spaces. The panels provide protection from direct sunlight, with the option of being partially or fully opened.

The synchronized aluminum panels can retract up to 80% giving you clear sky views. The simultaneous movement of the panels allows a smooth roof opening and can be paused at any point to allow the desired amount of ventilation.

SkyMax regulates the natural ambient temperature when opened and creates an enclosed water-resistant environment when fully closed. It creates a comfortable outdoor space you can enjoy during  sunny or rainy days. It withstands great snow loads and strong winds.

Its special design allows ease of assembly and ensures a fast installation. The use of aluminum and stainless steel makes it a lasting pergola you can enjoy using for many years.


Wind Load

Standard EN 13659 class 6 (aprox. 112 km/h). No breakage was detected.

Snow Load

Standard EN 1999 EUROCODE 9 (aprox. 100 kg/m2) aluminum structures project.

Rain Load

Standard EN 12056 (0.03 l/s max.) constant heavy rain aprox. 108 l.m2/h.

Rainwater Drainage

Water is transferred from the grooves on the aluminum lamel profiles to the edge profiles, water is transferred to the feet thereafter.


Hidden drains and electrical lines.


In accordance with specifications for Quailcoat and Qualideco. RAL Colour or wood effect finishes are available. 10 years of warranty for finishes.

SkyMax can be enclosed on all sides with iZipscreen to create a cooling effect during summertime, or fitted with glass panels allowing you to enjoy the view in winter.

SkyMax is the ideal choice for patios, terraces and can be installed in private homes, residences as well as commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants.

Technical Details

Available Structure Shapes

Structure Color and Finish

We provide an extension to your property and always make sure it looks as if it was always planned to be there. Our Pergolas utilize aluminium all over the structure to ensure lightness and strength at an optimum; however, you can cover the body and the columns with one of our many colours and finish choices as you can see below.

Motor and Automation

Pergolas are there to give us comfort and ease of mind. They provide freedom from the factors that can undermine the experience; therefore, we make sure our shading structures do what they are built to do when they are supposed to. Our pergolas can be equipped with sensors of light, wind and rain to change the settings according to the environmental factors automatically, we also have remote control systems to make your structure work at your will. Internationally renowned Somfy motors from France are used to operate all of our products. Guaranteed for 5 years and using RTS and IO technology, the motors can be operated at the simple touch of a button.


Perimeter LED