SkyLounge Fixed Pergola


Carport Pergola with Fixed Aluminum Panels

Stylish and Minimalist

With its clean lines and distinctive structure, SkyLounge Carport protects your vehicle against changing weather conditions while retaining the architectural harmony of your home.

SkyLounge Aluminum Carport is the ideal shelter for your car. Self-standing or built adjacent to a structure, this stylish extension allows you to effectively protect your vehicle from the sun and heat. The durable structure of the Carport ensures optimal watertightness and protection against external conditions. SkyLounge Carport saves you from the trouble of defrosting your car windows on cold days and from an overheated car interior due to prolonged direct sunlight exposure. It protects your vehicle from the sun, rain, frost and heavy snow loads (fixed roof has a snow load capacity of up to 230 kg /m2).

SkyLounge Carport is the versatile solution for your outdoor space requirements; it can provide cover for your terrace, protect your outdoor furniture against weather damage, create a space for you to enjoy your lunch outdoors or even serve as a canopy for your hot tub!


Wind Load

Standard EN 13659 class 6 (aprox. 112 km/h). No breakage was detected.

Snow Load

Standard EN 1999 EUROCODE 9 (aprox. 100 kg/m2) aluminum structures project.

Rain Load

Standard EN 12056 (0.03 l/s max.) constant heavy rain aprox. 108 l.m2/h.

Rainwater Drainage

Water is transferred from the grooves on the aluminum lamel profiles to the edge profiles, water is transferred to the feet thereafter.


Hidden drains and electrical lines.


In accordance with specifications for Quailcoat and Qualideco. RAL Colour or wood effect finishes are available. 10 years of warranty for finishes.

SkyLounge Carport can be adapted to every need and to all kinds of weather conditions to make sure your vehicle is protected against the sun, rain, frost and heavy snowfall.

Available Structure Shapes


Structure Color and Finish


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